Welcome to my Site!!!

Welcome to TheEagleFan.com.  This is the site of the one and only EagleFan.  Not like that is anything special but I thought it needed to be said.

Why will you come to this site?  To be honest, that is something that only you can answer.  I hope it is because you may find something that is either entertaining or thought provoking.

Why am I here?  That is something that I will answer.  I am here because I wanted to get back into the internet and use it as a place to voice my opinion and to entertain.

Entertain?  Yes, the original addition to this site will be a baseball league which will consist of owners who love the game of baseball and enjoy competing and interacting with one another.  If you are a fan of the game please check out Eagle League Baseball.

Thought Provoking?  Well, that may be an overstatement but I will attempt to offer my take on the every day world that we are smacked in the face with.  What do I think needs to be changed?  What do you think needs to be changed?  What do I love about the world and what do I not like about it?

Some may know me from this monicker.  I use this same name (or something as close as possible) for most sites which I have signed up for.

This site will be under construction over the next several weeks.   Please be patient as the site grows.

Mays Landing Weather Forecast, NJ

Open Letter to Washington

My innaugural article is an open letter to Washington about the current state of this country and some suggestions to help fix the problem.  I know some ideas may seem radical to a few but we need to fix this country and everyone must step up to make it work.  We can't count on out elected officials to do it and they have made that painfully obvious.  Read it here.