Open Letter to Washington

To Washington, to the President, to congress, to the senate, to every last politician in Washington; this letter is for you.

The first thing that EVERY last one of you needs to learn is that We the People elected you and We the People can and will send you packing (if Americans haven’t given in to the business as usual politics which have infected our “leaders”).  You are NOT elected to serve what your party wants or to attempt to make the other party look bad.  You ARE elected to do what we want and what is in OUR BEST INTEREST.

We don’t care about which party solves the financial crisis.  We just want it solved.  We don’t care which party creates the most jobs for the country, we just want to see Americans working.   We don’t care who stems the tide of jobs which should be filled by Americans being outsourced, we want to see that “dam” created and the flow of jobs to places like India and China CEASED.

I am tired of reading an article or hearing a news clip which should be about our countries troubles and only hear/read about why it is one party’s fault.  Will all of the Republicans and Democrats please step to the center of the room, take out their private parts and measure them.  That way they can stop fighting over who is bigger and start getting to the actual business at hand.

Our founding fathers would be turning in their grave if they saw what a mockery you were making of the process.  When this country was founded there were plenty of debates and fighting in government but what was being fought over was the rights of the states.  The politicians wanted what was best for their state (those who they served) and not worrying about what would get them and their “party” elected.

 What do we want?


         Give tax breaks to companies that generate more jobs in the USA and reduce outsourcing!!!

         Promote small business opportunities through readily available grants – this will increase available jobs opportunities and keep the American Dream alive

         Give tax breaks to companies that eliminate the obscene salaries given to CEO’s and other top executives

o    Lowering the CEO’s salary and increasing the salary of the common worker will stimulate the economy

o    This takes more than politicians being on board but the American public being on board, if the country works together it will mend itself

o    An example would be one company which saw 19 million dollars given out to a grand total of 4 people last year.   There are roughly about 1100 US employees in that company.  Cut 10 million off the ‘top 4’ total and that would be almost 10K per employee.  That increase would stimulate the economy MUCH more than giving it to those responsible for running the company into the ground.

Education for our children

         Educating our children needs to be our top priority.  The future of the country depends upon our children, and their children, rinse and repeat.

         Remove no child left behind; that is not helping.  If a child doesn’t learn enough to advance that child should be left behind to learn it again.

         Remove standardized testing as a way to determine where our money goes.  Our children are not being taught what they need to help them in life but instead they are being taught what they need to help get them to score higher on the standardized tests.

         Additionally, using those tests we are rewarding the good schools and punishing the bad schools; which is increasing the gap between the children and giving children unfortunate enough to be born into a rough situation that much more of a deck stacked against them.

         Create a national lottery and use these proceeds towards our schools and only our schools.  No bureaucratic black hole which sucks money out of that system.  Audit it and make sure the money gets to where it is supposed to go.

The USA to maintain its position at a world leader

         Promote our own products.  Offer tax breaks to companies that sell Made in the USA merchandise.

         Increase taxes on imported items.

         Went to Target and saw produce from Mexico on the shelf!?!?  There is absolutely no excuse for this.  We have farmers that are having trouble keeping their farms and companies are importing produce?  If there is produce imported in a store it better be something that can’t be grown in the USA.

         More Made in the USA products getting into more Americans’ hands means increases the bottom line for American companies which in turn increases the number of American jobs and stimulates the economy better than any artificial attempt that we have seen the government attempt.

Please do what needs to be done or start looking for a different job come election day.

Good night all and “God Bless America”*!!!!


- TheEagleFan


* meant as an expression of good will towards the greatest nation on earth and not to alienate any religious group