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North Pole Santas
Team Leaders
Team Batting Leaderboards
Batting AVG
Rory LeeNP.351
Kent HamptonNP.351
Norberto CuevasNP.318
Emílio MartínezNP.273
Mike EdgarNP.257
On-Base PCT
Rory LeeNP.455
Kent HamptonNP.432
Norberto CuevasNP.398
Emílio MartínezNP.340
Sal FinleyNP.319
Slugging PCT
Norberto CuevasNP.602
Kent HamptonNP.506
Rory LeeNP.500
Rich MathisNP.464
Emílio MartínezNP.432
On-Base + Slugging
Norberto CuevasNP1.000
Rory LeeNP.955
Kent HamptonNP.938
Emílio MartínezNP.772
Rich MathisNP.748
Norberto CuevasNP11.5
Rory LeeNP9.7
Kent HamptonNP9.0
Rich MathisNP1.9
Del StaresNP1.0
Runs Created
Norberto CuevasNP23.1
Kent HamptonNP16.5
Rory LeeNP16.4
Emílio MartínezNP12.5
Mike EdgarNP10.3
Runs Created / 27 outs
Norberto CuevasNP10.08
Rory LeeNP8.52
Kent HamptonNP8.43
Emílio MartínezNP5.03
Rich MathisNP4.16
Isolated Power
Norberto CuevasNP.284
Rich MathisNP.232
Emílio MartínezNP.159
Kent HamptonNP.156
Rory LeeNP.149
Mike EdgarNP24
Sal FinleyNP24
Norberto CuevasNP23
Emílio MartínezNP23
Will PayneNP23
Mike EdgarNP101
Norberto CuevasNP88
Emílio MartínezNP88
Sal FinleyNP83
Kent HamptonNP77
Rory LeeNP18
Norberto CuevasNP17
Mike EdgarNP14
Kent HamptonNP14
Emílio MartínezNP12
Norberto CuevasNP28
Kent HamptonNP27
Mike EdgarNP26
Rory LeeNP26
Emílio MartínezNP24
Total Bases
Norberto CuevasNP53
Kent HamptonNP39
Emílio MartínezNP38
Rory LeeNP37
Mike EdgarNP36
Kent HamptonNP21
Mike EdgarNP20
Rory LeeNP20
Sal FinleyNP16
Norberto CuevasNP14
Emílio MartínezNP9
Norberto CuevasNP8
Rich MathisNP5
Will PayneNP4
Miguel CalderónNP3
Mike EdgarNP2
Norberto CuevasNP1
Rory LeeNP1
Emílio MartínezNP1
Rich MathisNP1
Home Runs
Norberto CuevasNP5
Kent HamptonNP3
Rich MathisNP3
Rory LeeNP2
Miguel CalderónNP1
Runs Batted In
Norberto CuevasNP18
Mike EdgarNP16
Rich MathisNP14
Kent HamptonNP13
Sal FinleyNP11
Stolen Bases
Norberto CuevasNP3
Rich MathisNP3
Mike EdgarNP2
Ramón HernándezNP1
Miguel CalderónNP0
Rory LeeNP12
Norberto CuevasNP10
Sal FinleyNP10
Kent HamptonNP9
Emílio MartínezNP8
Intentional Walks
Rory LeeNP2
Will PayneNP2
Norberto CuevasNP1
Kent HamptonNP1
Miguel CalderónNP0
Mike EdgarNP4
Norberto CuevasNP3
Kent HamptonNP2
Rory LeeNP2
Emílio MartínezNP1
Norberto CuevasNP26
Sal FinleyNP19
Thomas MaxwellNP14
Will PayneNP14
Mike EdgarNP13
Sacrifice Hits
Javier LópezNP4
Peter ThomasNP2
Timothy CooperNP1
Tomás EspinozaNP1
Sal FinleyNP1
Sacrifice Flies
Norberto CuevasNP2
Mike EdgarNP1
Sal FinleyNP1
Mario LunaNP1
Thomas MaxwellNP1
Team Pitching Leaderboards
Del StaresNP2.45
Peter ThomasNP3.58
Timothy CooperNP4.08
Javier LópezNP6.20
Timothy CooperNP2
Mario LunaNP2
Del StaresNP2
Peter ThomasNP2
Lucas CooperNP1
Timothy CooperNP3
Javier LópezNP2
Mario LunaNP2
Del StaresNP2
Peter ThomasNP1
Winning PCT
Peter ThomasNP.667
Del StaresNP.500
Timothy CooperNP.400
Javier LópezNP.333
José ZavalaNP6
Lucas CooperNP0
Timothy CooperNP0
Tomás EspinozaNP0
Dale FrazierNP0
Games Pitched
António RoblesNP14
José ZavalaNP10
Joseph MeredithNP9
Nicholas HarrisNP8
Francisco LópezNP7
Games Started
Timothy CooperNP5
Javier LópezNP5
Del StaresNP5
Peter ThomasNP5
Mario LunaNP4
Complete Games
Lucas CooperNP0
Timothy CooperNP0
Tomás EspinozaNP0
Dale FrazierNP0
Nicholas HarrisNP0
Lucas CooperNP0
Timothy CooperNP0
Tomás EspinozaNP0
Dale FrazierNP0
Nicholas HarrisNP0
Innings Pitched
Timothy CooperNP35.1
Del StaresNP33.0
Peter ThomasNP32.2
Javier LópezNP24.2
Mario LunaNP22.1
Hits Allowed
Del StaresNP41
Timothy CooperNP35
Peter ThomasNP34
Javier LópezNP33
Mario LunaNP22
Home Runs Allowed
Mario LunaNP7
Peter ThomasNP4
António RoblesNP3
Timothy CooperNP2
Nicholas HarrisNP2
Walks Allowed
Javier LópezNP18
Tomás EspinozaNP9
Timothy CooperNP7
Mario LunaNP6
Nicholas HarrisNP5
Walks per 9 IP
Peter ThomasNP0.8
Del StaresNP1.4
Timothy CooperNP1.8
Javier LópezNP6.6
Del StaresNP37
Peter ThomasNP36
Timothy CooperNP23
Javier LópezNP21
Mario LunaNP12
Strikeouts per 9 IP
Del StaresNP10.1
Peter ThomasNP9.9
Javier LópezNP7.7
Timothy CooperNP5.9
Peter ThomasNP12.00
Del StaresNP7.40
Timothy CooperNP3.29
Javier LópezNP1.17
Peter ThomasNP1.13
Timothy CooperNP1.19
Del StaresNP1.39
Javier LópezNP2.07
Hits per 9 IP
Timothy CooperNP8.9
Peter ThomasNP9.4
Del StaresNP11.2
Javier LópezNP12.0
Opponents AVG
Timothy CooperNP.246
Peter ThomasNP.258
Del StaresNP.306
Javier LópezNP.314
Opponents OBP
Timothy CooperNP.282
Peter ThomasNP.285
Del StaresNP.329
Javier LópezNP.405
Opponents SLG
Timothy CooperNP.352
Del StaresNP.358
Javier LópezNP.410
Peter ThomasNP.424
Opponents OPS
Timothy CooperNP.634
Del StaresNP.687
Peter ThomasNP.709
Javier LópezNP.814
Timothy CooperNP.282
Peter ThomasNP.326
Javier LópezNP.386
Del StaresNP.417
Del StaresNP12
Peter ThomasNP8
Timothy CooperNP7
José ZavalaNP6
Joseph MeredithNP6

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