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North Pole Santas
Player Potential Ratings Report - Scouted by: OSA
Potential Batting Ratings
NameAgePosContactGapPowerEyeAvoid K's
Miguel Calderón26RF1316799
Timothy Cooper37P39238
Norberto Cuevas26CF112019128
Mike Edgar223B13148919
Tomás Espinoza37P66247
Sal Finley333B101311118
Dale Frazier27P49187
Kent Hampton352B1515121219
Nicholas Harris25P48135
Ramón Hernández26RF111461012
Rory Lee26C101571110
Francisco López29P68248
Javier López27P75135
Mario Luna35P38197
Emílio Martínez31LF1420111111
Rich Mathis25RF10169810
Thomas Maxwell323B1013489
Joseph Meredith27P571310
Will Payne24SS1113101210
António Robles37P69236
Michael Rogers23C10106910
Del Stares35P562310
Peter Thomas32P67538
Phil Young361B101415119
José Zavala30P67238
Potential Pitching Ratings
Timothy Cooper37SP12141691-93 Mph16
Tomás Espinoza37MR15171290-92 Mph12
Dale Frazier27MR89989-90 Mph2
Nicholas Harris25CL17111296-98 Mph10
Francisco López29MR11131089-90 Mph4
Javier López27SP9151387-89 Mph16
Mario Luna35SP8141385-87 Mph20
Joseph Meredith27MR17111193-95 Mph6
António Robles37MR16151490-92 Mph10
Del Stares35SP16181992-94 Mph12
Peter Thomas32SP1471896-98 Mph8
José Zavala30CL20141997-99 Mph20

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