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Key West Manatees
Team Leaders
Team Batting Leaderboards
Batting AVG
Alberto ParraKW.396
Miguel GracíaKW.362
Jesús SánchezKW.354
Steve McPhunKW.296
Alex DossKW.286
On-Base PCT
Alberto ParraKW.466
Jesús SánchezKW.423
Miguel GracíaKW.393
Steve McPhunKW.364
Alex DossKW.317
Slugging PCT
Jesús SánchezKW.677
Alex DossKW.602
Miguel GracíaKW.475
Alberto ParraKW.473
Steve McPhunKW.357
On-Base + Slugging
Jesús SánchezKW1.101
Alberto ParraKW.939
Alex DossKW.919
Miguel GracíaKW.868
Steve McPhunKW.721
Jesús SánchezKW13.6
Doug EllisKW9.4
Alberto ParraKW9.1
Alex DossKW7.6
Miguel GracíaKW6.5
Runs Created
Jesús SánchezKW28.4
Alberto ParraKW20.6
Alex DossKW16.5
Miguel GracíaKW14.9
Steve McPhunKW12.5
Runs Created / 27 outs
Jesús SánchezKW11.64
Alberto ParraKW9.76
Miguel GracíaKW7.72
Alex DossKW5.85
Steve McPhunKW4.48
Isolated Power
Jesús SánchezKW.323
Alex DossKW.316
Miguel GracíaKW.112
César LugoKW.109
Alberto ParraKW.077
Jesús SánchezKW24
Alex DossKW23
César LugoKW23
Steve McPhunKW23
Alberto ParraKW22
Alex DossKW98
Steve McPhunKW98
Jesús SánchezKW96
César LugoKW92
Alberto ParraKW91
Jesús SánchezKW23
Alberto ParraKW18
Alex DossKW17
Steve McPhunKW17
César LugoKW15
Alberto ParraKW36
Jesús SánchezKW34
Miguel GracíaKW29
Steve McPhunKW29
Alex DossKW28
Total Bases
Jesús SánchezKW65
Alex DossKW59
Alberto ParraKW43
Miguel GracíaKW38
Steve McPhunKW35
Alberto ParraKW29
Steve McPhunKW23
Miguel GracíaKW21
Jesús SánchezKW18
Miguel OchoaKW16
Jesús SánchezKW8
Miguel GracíaKW7
Alberto ParraKW7
Steve McPhunKW6
Alex DossKW5
César LugoKW3
Diego BlondetKW1
Alex DossKW1
Miguel GracíaKW1
Jesús SánchezKW1
Home Runs
Alex DossKW8
Jesús SánchezKW7
Doug EllisKW4
José DíazKW2
Miguel OchoaKW2
Runs Batted In
Jesús SánchezKW28
Alex DossKW21
Alberto ParraKW16
Miguel GracíaKW13
Steve McPhunKW13
Stolen Bases
Steve McPhunKW4
José DíazKW3
Diego BlondetKW1
Norogumi FujimotoKW1
Miguel OchoaKW1
Jesús SánchezKW13
Alberto ParraKW12
Steve McPhunKW7
César LugoKW6
Diego BlondetKW5
Intentional Walks
Jesús SánchezKW2
Diego BlondetKW1
José DíazKW1
Alex DossKW1
César LugoKW1
Steve McPhunKW4
Miguel OchoaKW2
Dan DawsonKW1
Alex DossKW1
Josh BarrettKW0
César LugoKW30
Steve McPhunKW20
Jesús SánchezKW20
Norogumi FujimotoKW13
José DíazKW12
Sacrifice Hits
Khaled ThibaudKW5
Aaron EvansKW4
Josh BarrettKW1
Diego BlondetKW1
Frank FletcherKW1
Sacrifice Flies
Jesús SánchezKW2
Alex DossKW1
César LugoKW1
Steve McPhunKW1
Miguel OchoaKW1
Team Pitching Leaderboards
Khaled ThibaudKW4.01
Aaron EvansKW4.35
Miguel MuñízKW6.68
Aaron EvansKW4
Khaled ThibaudKW3
Frank FletcherKW2
Miguel MuñízKW2
Josh BarrettKW1
Miguel MuñízKW3
Aaron EvansKW2
Khaled ThibaudKW2
Frank FletcherKW1
Francisco HernándezKW1
Winning PCT
Aaron EvansKW.667
Khaled ThibaudKW.600
Miguel MuñízKW.400
Russ MooreKW5
Juan MartínezKW1
Josh BarrettKW0
Aaron EvansKW0
Frank FletcherKW0
Games Pitched
Frank FletcherKW15
Steve KaiserKW15
Josh BarrettKW14
Jimmy McIntoshKW14
Russ MooreKW11
Games Started
Aaron EvansKW8
Miguel MuñízKW8
Khaled ThibaudKW8
Josh BarrettKW0
Frank FletcherKW0
Complete Games
Josh BarrettKW0
Aaron EvansKW0
Frank FletcherKW0
Luis GonzálezKW0
Francisco HernándezKW0
Josh BarrettKW0
Aaron EvansKW0
Frank FletcherKW0
Luis GonzálezKW0
Francisco HernándezKW0
Innings Pitched
Khaled ThibaudKW42.2
Aaron EvansKW39.1
Miguel MuñízKW32.1
Frank FletcherKW17.2
Russ MooreKW14.1
Hits Allowed
Miguel MuñízKW45
Aaron EvansKW39
Khaled ThibaudKW37
Jimmy McIntoshKW17
Josh BarrettKW16
Home Runs Allowed
Miguel MuñízKW6
Aaron EvansKW5
Josh BarrettKW3
Steve KaiserKW3
Khaled ThibaudKW3
Walks Allowed
Khaled ThibaudKW21
Miguel MuñízKW17
Frank FletcherKW12
Steve KaiserKW12
Jimmy McIntoshKW10
Walks per 9 IP
Aaron EvansKW2.1
Khaled ThibaudKW4.4
Miguel MuñízKW4.7
Miguel MuñízKW37
Khaled ThibaudKW27
Aaron EvansKW25
Frank FletcherKW23
Steve KaiserKW14
Strikeouts per 9 IP
Miguel MuñízKW10.3
Aaron EvansKW5.7
Khaled ThibaudKW5.7
Aaron EvansKW2.78
Miguel MuñízKW2.18
Khaled ThibaudKW1.29
Aaron EvansKW1.22
Khaled ThibaudKW1.36
Miguel MuñízKW1.92
Hits per 9 IP
Khaled ThibaudKW7.8
Aaron EvansKW8.9
Miguel MuñízKW12.5
Opponents AVG
Khaled ThibaudKW.237
Aaron EvansKW.264
Miguel MuñízKW.338
Opponents OBP
Aaron EvansKW.315
Khaled ThibaudKW.357
Miguel MuñízKW.414
Opponents SLG
Khaled ThibaudKW.353
Aaron EvansKW.412
Miguel MuñízKW.594
Opponents OPS
Khaled ThibaudKW.709
Aaron EvansKW.727
Miguel MuñízKW1.008
Khaled ThibaudKW.270
Aaron EvansKW.288
Miguel MuñízKW.433
Khaled ThibaudKW9
Aaron EvansKW7
Luis GonzálezKW4
Frank FletcherKW3
Russ MooreKW3

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