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Louisville Blue Sox (AA)
5th place       2-4 (.333)       M# -       Last 10: 2-4       R: 22       RA: 41       Payroll: $0
Team Leaders AVG
F. Moreno.421
H. Friedberg.389
P. Pérez.381
J. Lowe.360
M. Church.261
Team Leaders HR
2 tied with 1
J. Lowe1
P. Pérez1
S. Anderson0
8 more tied with0
Team Leaders RBI
P. Pérez5
H. Friedberg4
M. Church3
A. Delgado3
J. Lowe3
Team Leaders W
2 tied with 1
S. Griffin1
J. Ware1
B. Bryant0
7 more tied with0
Team Leaders ERA
S. Griffin0.00
S. Santiago2.57
B. Bryant2.84
J. Ware3.86
S. Decker10.13
Team Leaders K
2 tied with 8
S. Decker8
S. Santiago8
B. Bryant7
J. Ware7
Pitching Staff
StarterRJames Ware111003.861.29Rested
StarterRSteve Decker2202010.132.38Totally Exhausted
StarterRReginald Simpson1101014.731.91Rested
StarterLScott Griffin111000.000.63Slightly Tired
StarterRJesús Rivera1101032.414.80Rested
Middle RelieverLVicente Rosales4000015.754.00Totally Exhausted
Middle RelieverRBrent Bryant400002.840.95Tired
Setup RelieverRSantiago Santiago300002.571.43Exhausted
Setup RelieverRRichard Simpson300000.001.33Tired
CloserRChris Mitchell400026.751.69Exhausted
30RMike BakerSS620500254.250.444.250
25ROrlando RiveraSS14100002.250.250.250
22RPancho PérezSS621815335.381.458.571
26RScott AndersonSS411101001.091.083.091
31RHeiko FriedbergSS618704251.389.500.611
32RFrancisco MartínezSS00000000.000.000.000
7RJake LoweLF625913224.360.407.560
20LCharles HerringRF412202003.167.154.250
23RMillard ChurchRF623603627.261.320.435
5LMatt McKessockRF621301004.143.136.190
18LAlfredo DelgadoRF620203235.100.208.100
28RFernando MorenoLF519800524.421.476.526
Lineup vs RHP+DH
1RJake LoweC.360133
2RMike Baker2B.250000
3RFernando MorenoLF.421000
4RMillard ChurchRF.261030
5LCharles Herring1B.167020
6RPancho Pérez3B.381150
7LAlfredo DelgadoCF.100031
8RHeiko FriedbergSS.389041
9LMatt McKessockDH.143011
Lineup vs LHP+DH
1RJake LoweC.360133
2RMike Baker2B.250000
3RFernando MorenoLF.421000
4RMillard ChurchRF.261030
5RPancho Pérez3B.381150
6RHeiko FriedbergSS.389041
7LAlfredo DelgadoCF.100031
8LCharles Herring1B.167020
9LMatt McKessockDH.143011
PlayerInjuryOut for...Disabled List Status
LF Fernando Morenofractured rib3 weeksNot on DL
Fri 4/27
vs ANC
RHP M. Ball
0-1, 6.35
Sat 4/28
vs ANC
RHP A. Guerrero
0-1, 2.25
Sun 4/29
vs ANC
LHP J. Crowley
0-0, 27.01
Mon 4/30
vs LEN
RHP J. Gil
1-0, 0.00
Tue 5/1
vs LEN
RHP T. Chambers
0-0, 10.80
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PersonnelFielding Stats
ScheduleNorth Pole Santas
Division 1WLPCTGB
Jersey City Rampagers51.833-
Ocean City Seagulls32.6001.5
Lincoln Terrapins33.5002.0
Anchorage Alerts23.4002.5
Louisville Blue Sox24.3333.0
Hickory Crawdads24.3333.0
Team Information
Record overall2-4, .333 PCT
Position in Division5th, 3 GB
Record at home2-4, .333 PCT
Record on the road0-0, .000 PCT
Record in X-inning games0-0, .000 PCT
Record in one-run games0-0, .000 PCT
Record versus LHP2-1, .667 PCT
Record versus RHP0-3, .000 PCT
Record last 10 games2-4, .333 PCT
Record in April2-4, .333 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.268 - 3rd in SL1
On-Base Percentage.341 - 3rd in SL1
Slugging Percentage.376 - 3rd in SL1
On-Base + Slugging.717 - 3rd in SL1
Runs Scored22 - 4th in SL1
Hits52 - tied for 3rd in SL1
Extra-Base Hits13 - 5th in SL1
Home Runs2 - tied for 4th in SL1
Bases-On-Balls22 - tied for 3rd in SL1
Strikeouts40 - tied for 2nd in SL1
Stolen Bases6 - 2nd in SL1
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average6.50 - 6th in SL1
Starters' ERA7.62 - 6th in SL1
Bullpen ERA5.26 - 6th in SL1
Runs allowed41 - 6th in SL1
Hits allowed65 - 6th in SL1
Opponents AVG.301 - 6th in SL1
BABIP.352 - 6th in SL1
Home Runs allowed9 - 6th in SL1
Bases-On-Balls28 - 6th in SL1
Strikeouts48 - 2nd in SL1

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