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Harrisburg Hawks (AAA)
3rd place       9-6 (.600)       M# -       Last 10: 4-6       R: 84       RA: 74       Payroll: $5,749,500
Team Leaders AVG
J. Núñes.321
R. Brady.310
C. Chávez.302
T. Pichardo.282
B. Young.270
Team Leaders HR
2 tied with 4
R. González4
B. Young4
J. Núñes3
J. Dyck2
Team Leaders RBI
B. Young12
J. Dyck11
J. Núñes10
R. González9
T. Pichardo8
Team Leaders W
3 tied with 2
D. Miranda2
C. Torrella2
M. Witt2
3 tied with1
Team Leaders ERA
D. Miranda2.53
M. Witt3.26
M. Tovar5.30
Team Leaders K
M. Witt21
J. Estrada16
D. Miranda15
M. Tovar13
2 tied with9
Who's Hot?
Who's Not?
1BEsteban Arce.095, 0 HRLast 5 games
Pitching Staff
StarterLMiguel Tovar331105.301.82Rested
StarterRFernando Marquis3311011.572.89Rested
StarterLJosé Estrada331105.271.90Slightly Tired
StarterRDiego Miranda332002.531.31Tired
StarterLMike Witt332003.261.14Totally Exhausted
MopupLKevin Berry100000.000.75Rested
MopupRAntónio Rivera400004.151.85Rested
Middle RelieverRSteve Edgar700008.591.91Rested
Middle RelieverRSkip Henderson400003.861.71Rested
Middle RelieverRCarlos Torrella802100.000.88Exhausted
Middle RelieverRJohn Ritchie300006.002.33Rested
Setup RelieverRQuan Gong200005.402.40Rested
Setup RelieverRBobby Brooks700202.531.59Rested
Setup RelieverRThomas Barrett200000.000.33Rested
Setup RelieverRSonny Gibson100000.001.00Rested
CloserRDon Murphy700061.590.53Rested
26LTony PichardoC13391118868.282.354.385
1SArmando RodríguezC26100112.167.286.167
30LRobin BradySS12421316997.310.423.476
11RCarlos Chávez2B13531604526.302.327.377
23LEsteban Arce1B12417125211.171.227.244
46RGustavo LeónSS30000000.000.000.000
8LRaúl González1B15561149111114.196.348.411
34RHa-Neul Ok3B14351002398.286.432.343
2RJoe Dyck2B94015211639.375.419.575
15RBobby Young1B1563174129717.270.333.524
20SEd ReedRF1132905456.281.359.375
27RRoy CochranCF49401210.444.500.444
25RRich GoodmanCF11000000.000.000.000
22RJosé NúñesLF15561831013512.321.377.571
21LMike SmithLF516213242.125.300.375
9LMichael JohnsonCF12301207633.400.441.467
Lineup vs RHP+DH
1RJosé NúñesCF.3213104
2LRobin BradySS.310161
3RJoe Dyck1B.3752111
4SEd ReedLF.281050
5LRaúl GonzálezDH.196490
6LEsteban ArceRF.171120
7RBobby Young3B.2704121
8RCarlos Chávez2B.302042
9LTony PichardoC.282180
Lineup vs LHP+DH
1RCarlos Chávez2B.302042
2RBobby Young3B.2704121
3RJoe Dyck1B.3752111
4RJosé NúñesCF.3213104
5LRaúl GonzálezDH.196490
6SEd ReedLF.281050
7LRobin BradySS.310161
8LEsteban ArceRF.171120
9LTony PichardoC.282180
Thu 4/26
LHP B. Griffin
0-1, 8.18
Fri 4/27
RHP E. Snow
0-3, 8.06
Sat 4/28
RHP J. Simmons
1-2, 6.20
Sun 4/29
vs Cha
Mon 4/30
vs Cha
RHP P. Lawrence
0-0, 3.38
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PersonnelFielding Stats
ScheduleReading Ravens
Division 1WLPCTGB
Garland Kestrels105.667-
Hoover Thunder Wolves96.6001.0
Harrisburg Hawks96.6001.0
Tampa Victory78.4673.0
Pittsburgh Pirates510.3335.0
Charlotte Knights510.3335.0
Team Information
Record overall9-6, .600 PCT
Position in Division3rd, 1 GB
Record at home5-4, .556 PCT
Record on the road4-2, .667 PCT
Record in X-inning games0-2, .000 PCT
Record in one-run games2-2, .500 PCT
Record versus LHP1-1, .500 PCT
Record versus RHP8-5, .615 PCT
Record last 10 games4-6, .400 PCT
Record in April9-6, .600 PCT
Team Batting Stats & Rankings
Batting Average.281 - 5th in SL2
On-Base Percentage.362 - 4th in SL2
Slugging Percentage.434 - 4th in SL2
On-Base + Slugging.796 - 4th in SL2
Runs Scored84 - 5th in SL2
Hits146 - 5th in SL2
Extra-Base Hits40 - 4th in SL2
Home Runs17 - 3rd in SL2
Bases-On-Balls68 - 3rd in SL2
Strikeouts105 - 1st in SL2
Stolen Bases11 - 2nd in SL2
Team Pitching Stats & Rankings
Earned Run Average4.21 - 1st in SL2
Starters' ERA4.81 - 1st in SL2
Bullpen ERA3.31 - 3rd in SL2
Runs allowed74 - 1st in SL2
Hits allowed165 - 4th in SL2
Opponents AVG.294 - 4th in SL2
BABIP.363 - 4th in SL2
Home Runs allowed12 - tied for 2nd in SL2
Bases-On-Balls51 - 2nd in SL2
Strikeouts127 - 1st in SL2

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