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Seattle Pilots
Team Leaders
Team Batting Leaderboards
Batting AVG
Gustavo CostaSEA.388
Juan BéltreSEA.315
Lúcio VázquezSEA.304
Cristo PereiraSEA.284
Gustavo EspinosaSEA.275
On-Base PCT
Gustavo CostaSEA.474
Juan BéltreSEA.398
Cristo PereiraSEA.376
Gustavo EspinosaSEA.368
Lúcio VázquezSEA.360
Slugging PCT
Gustavo CostaSEA.725
Juan BéltreSEA.534
Lúcio VázquezSEA.464
Cristo PereiraSEA.446
Gustavo EspinosaSEA.431
On-Base + Slugging
Gustavo CostaSEA1.199
Juan BéltreSEA.932
Lúcio VázquezSEA.824
Cristo PereiraSEA.822
Gustavo EspinosaSEA.799
Gustavo CostaSEA18.4
Robert HodgesSEA8.4
Juan BéltreSEA7.8
Gustavo EspinosaSEA7.1
Lúcio VázquezSEA2.8
Runs Created
Gustavo CostaSEA30.2
Gustavo EspinosaSEA17.4
Juan BéltreSEA14.9
Robert HodgesSEA13.9
Cristo PereiraSEA12.3
Runs Created / 27 outs
Gustavo CostaSEA16.00
Juan BéltreSEA7.61
Lúcio VázquezSEA6.38
Gustavo EspinosaSEA6.27
Cristo PereiraSEA5.93
Isolated Power
Gustavo CostaSEA.337
Juan BéltreSEA.219
Cristo PereiraSEA.162
Lúcio VázquezSEA.159
Gustavo EspinosaSEA.157
Gustavo EspinosaSEA24
Bill HayesSEA24
José SánchezSEA24
Gustavo CostaSEA22
Lúcio VázquezSEA21
Bill HayesSEA103
Gustavo EspinosaSEA102
José SánchezSEA91
Gustavo CostaSEA80
Cristo PereiraSEA74
Gustavo CostaSEA19
Gustavo EspinosaSEA19
Cristo PereiraSEA14
Lúcio VázquezSEA13
Juan BéltreSEA11
Gustavo CostaSEA31
Gustavo EspinosaSEA28
Juan BéltreSEA23
Bill HayesSEA22
José SánchezSEA22
Total Bases
Gustavo CostaSEA58
Gustavo EspinosaSEA44
Juan BéltreSEA39
Robert HodgesSEA35
Bill HayesSEA33
Gustavo EspinosaSEA18
José SánchezSEA18
Gustavo CostaSEA17
Bill HayesSEA16
Cristo PereiraSEA15
Gustavo CostaSEA7
Gustavo EspinosaSEA6
Lúcio VázquezSEA6
Juan BéltreSEA5
José SánchezSEA4
Gustavo EspinosaSEA2
Juan BéltreSEA1
Gustavo CostaSEA1
Nick HallSEA1
Bill HayesSEA1
Home Runs
Gustavo CostaSEA6
Robert HodgesSEA6
Ángelo RiveraSEA5
Juan BéltreSEA3
Cristo PereiraSEA3
Runs Batted In
Gustavo CostaSEA25
Juan BéltreSEA19
Robert HodgesSEA18
José JiménezSEA12
Bill HayesSEA11
Stolen Bases
Gustavo EspinosaSEA6
Cristo PereiraSEA2
José JiménezSEA1
Ángelo RiveraSEA1
José SánchezSEA1
Gustavo EspinosaSEA15
José SánchezSEA15
Gustavo CostaSEA12
Juan BéltreSEA10
José JiménezSEA9
Intentional Walks
José SánchezSEA5
Gustavo CostaSEA2
José JiménezSEA2
Juan BéltreSEA1
Nick HallSEA1
Cristo PereiraSEA4
Gustavo CostaSEA3
Bill HayesSEA2
Roberto HernándezSEA1
Jeff HodgesSEA1
Bill HayesSEA28
Juan BéltreSEA24
Lúcio VázquezSEA22
José SánchezSEA21
Gustavo EspinosaSEA18
Sacrifice Hits
Dan EverettSEA3
Felipe OlivaresSEA1
Terence SimsSEA1
Dave StewartSEA1
David WatsonSEA1
Sacrifice Flies
Gustavo CostaSEA2
José SánchezSEA1
Aaron AndersonSEA0
Juan BéltreSEA0
Sean CalhounSEA0
Team Pitching Leaderboards
Felipe OlivaresSEA2.97
Arthur RogersSEA3.69
David WatsonSEA4.03
David WatsonSEA4
Sean CalhounSEA2
Felipe OlivaresSEA2
Arthur RogersSEA2
Ramón CastellanosSEA1
Dave StewartSEA3
Dan EverettSEA2
David WatsonSEA2
Aaron AndersonSEA1
Sean CalhounSEA1
Winning PCT
Arthur RogersSEA1.000
Felipe OlivaresSEA.667
David WatsonSEA.667
Sean CalhounSEA6
Terence SimsSEA1
Aaron AndersonSEA0
Ramón CastellanosSEA0
Colin DavisSEA0
Games Pitched
Colin DavisSEA15
Sean CalhounSEA13
Curt TaylorSEA12
Terence SimsSEA11
Ramón CastellanosSEA10
Games Started
Felipe OlivaresSEA6
Arthur RogersSEA6
Dave StewartSEA6
David WatsonSEA6
Aaron AndersonSEA0
Complete Games
Aaron AndersonSEA0
Sean CalhounSEA0
Ramón CastellanosSEA0
Colin DavisSEA0
Dan EverettSEA0
Aaron AndersonSEA0
Sean CalhounSEA0
Ramón CastellanosSEA0
Colin DavisSEA0
Dan EverettSEA0
Innings Pitched
Arthur RogersSEA39.0
David WatsonSEA38.0
Felipe OlivaresSEA36.1
Dave StewartSEA22.1
Dan EverettSEA16.0
Hits Allowed
Arthur RogersSEA45
David WatsonSEA43
Felipe OlivaresSEA31
Dave StewartSEA29
Dan EverettSEA20
Home Runs Allowed
Colin DavisSEA7
Dave StewartSEA5
David WatsonSEA5
Dan EverettSEA4
Felipe OlivaresSEA3
Walks Allowed
Felipe OlivaresSEA16
David WatsonSEA10
Colin DavisSEA6
Terence SimsSEA6
Dave StewartSEA6
Walks per 9 IP
Arthur RogersSEA0.9
David WatsonSEA2.4
Felipe OlivaresSEA4.0
Arthur RogersSEA26
Felipe OlivaresSEA24
David WatsonSEA19
Dan EverettSEA16
Sean CalhounSEA14
Strikeouts per 9 IP
Arthur RogersSEA6.0
Felipe OlivaresSEA5.9
David WatsonSEA4.5
Arthur RogersSEA6.50
David WatsonSEA1.90
Felipe OlivaresSEA1.50
Arthur RogersSEA1.26
Felipe OlivaresSEA1.29
David WatsonSEA1.39
Hits per 9 IP
Felipe OlivaresSEA7.7
David WatsonSEA10.2
Arthur RogersSEA10.4
Opponents AVG
Felipe OlivaresSEA.225
Arthur RogersSEA.288
David WatsonSEA.293
Opponents OBP
Arthur RogersSEA.304
Felipe OlivaresSEA.308
David WatsonSEA.333
Opponents SLG
Felipe OlivaresSEA.341
Arthur RogersSEA.385
David WatsonSEA.476
Opponents OPS
Felipe OlivaresSEA.648
Arthur RogersSEA.689
David WatsonSEA.810
Felipe OlivaresSEA.252
David WatsonSEA.309
Arthur RogersSEA.341
Felipe OlivaresSEA11
Arthur RogersSEA8
Sean CalhounSEA8
David WatsonSEA7
Ramón CastellanosSEA3

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