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Detroit Penguins
Team Leaders
Team Batting Leaderboards
Batting AVG
聲gel CastroDET.349
Nick FullerDET.289
George RamseyDET.277
Joe PattersonDET.267
Clarence WilsonDET.242
On-Base PCT
聲gel CastroDET.444
George RamseyDET.373
Joe PattersonDET.358
Nick FullerDET.352
Clarence WilsonDET.333
Slugging PCT
聲gel CastroDET.663
George RamseyDET.489
Nick FullerDET.482
Joe PattersonDET.478
Clarence WilsonDET.409
On-Base + Slugging
聲gel CastroDET1.107
George RamseyDET.862
Joe PattersonDET.836
Nick FullerDET.834
Clarence WilsonDET.742
聲gel CastroDET13.2
Joe PattersonDET6.4
Keith KeysDET4.8
Nick FullerDET3.2
George RamseyDET2.2
Runs Created
聲gel CastroDET25.0
George RamseyDET17.6
Joe PattersonDET16.4
Nick FullerDET13.8
Chris CarterDET9.1
Runs Created / 27 outs
聲gel CastroDET11.85
George RamseyDET6.52
Joe PattersonDET6.33
Nick FullerDET6.02
Clarence WilsonDET4.67
Isolated Power
聲gel CastroDET.313
George RamseyDET.213
Joe PattersonDET.211
Nick FullerDET.193
Clarence WilsonDET.167
聲gel CastroDET24
Logan DavisDET24
Joe PattersonDET24
George RamseyDET24
Vicente Sol疄DET24
George RamseyDET94
Logan DavisDET91
Joe PattersonDET90
Chris CarterDET83
聲gel CastroDET83
George RamseyDET19
聲gel CastroDET18
Joe PattersonDET15
Nick FullerDET14
Logan DavisDET10
聲gel CastroDET29
George RamseyDET26
Nick FullerDET24
Joe PattersonDET24
Chris CarterDET20
Total Bases
聲gel CastroDET55
George RamseyDET46
Joe PattersonDET43
Nick FullerDET40
Chris CarterDET29
Chris CarterDET16
聲gel CastroDET16
Nick FullerDET16
Logan DavisDET15
George RamseyDET15
Joe PattersonDET7
聲gel CastroDET6
Clarence WilsonDET6
George RamseyDET5
Jason CottonDET4
George RamseyDET3
Chris CarterDET1
聲gel CastroDET1
Clarence WilsonDET1
Doug AckermanDET0
Home Runs
聲gel CastroDET6
Nick FullerDET4
Joe PattersonDET4
George RamseyDET3
Chris CarterDET2
Runs Batted In
Joe PattersonDET20
聲gel CastroDET18
Nick FullerDET15
Logan DavisDET12
George RamseyDET11
Stolen Bases
George RamseyDET2
Chris CarterDET1
Jason CottonDET1
Nick FullerDET1
Doug AckermanDET0
聲gel CastroDET15
George RamseyDET14
Joe PattersonDET13
Logan DavisDET9
Chris CarterDET8
Intentional Walks
聲gel CastroDET4
Chris CarterDET2
Logan DavisDET1
Nick FullerDET1
Lorenzo NievesDET1
Logan DavisDET4
Chris CarterDET2
Joe PattersonDET1
George RamseyDET1
Clarence WilsonDET1
Vicente Sol疄DET27
Clarence WilsonDET21
Logan DavisDET18
Chris CarterDET17
聲gel CastroDET17
Sacrifice Hits
Ram鏮 Rodr璲uezDET2
Neil SchmidtDET2
Doug AckermanDET1
Chris CarterDET1
Nick FullerDET1
Sacrifice Flies
Joe PattersonDET2
聲gel CastroDET1
Juan Gonz嫮ezDET1
George RamseyDET1
Doug AckermanDET0
Team Pitching Leaderboards
Dan BinghamDET3.09
Doug AckermanDET5.94
Neil SchmidtDET6.21
Ken MillerDET2
Chris BairdDET1
Russell BarfootDET1
Dan BinghamDET1
Karl BowlesDET1
Chris CarterDET3
Doug AckermanDET2
Russell BarfootDET2
Dan BinghamDET2
Neil SchmidtDET2
Winning PCT
Dan BinghamDET.333
Neil SchmidtDET.333
Doug AckermanDET.000
Tony SmithDET4
David McKeeDET1
Doug AckermanDET0
Chris BairdDET0
Russell BarfootDET0
Games Pitched
Chris BairdDET15
Russell BarfootDET15
Ram鏮 Rodr璲uezDET12
Ken MillerDET10
Tony SmithDET8
Games Started
Doug AckermanDET7
Neil SchmidtDET6
Dan BinghamDET5
Chris CarterDET5
Raoul RospigliosiDET1
Complete Games
Doug AckermanDET0
Chris BairdDET0
Russell BarfootDET0
Dan BinghamDET0
Karl BowlesDET0
Doug AckermanDET0
Chris BairdDET0
Russell BarfootDET0
Dan BinghamDET0
Karl BowlesDET0
Innings Pitched
Doug AckermanDET33.1
Dan BinghamDET32.0
Neil SchmidtDET29.0
Chris CarterDET23.1
Russell BarfootDET15.2
Hits Allowed
Doug AckermanDET46
Dan BinghamDET40
Neil SchmidtDET39
Chris CarterDET31
Russell BarfootDET22
Home Runs Allowed
Chris CarterDET6
Doug AckermanDET4
Ram鏮 Rodr璲uezDET4
Neil SchmidtDET4
Chris BairdDET3
Walks Allowed
Neil SchmidtDET14
Doug AckermanDET13
Russell BarfootDET7
Chris BairdDET6
Dan BinghamDET6
Walks per 9 IP
Dan BinghamDET1.7
Doug AckermanDET3.5
Neil SchmidtDET4.3
Doug AckermanDET30
Dan BinghamDET23
Neil SchmidtDET19
Russell BarfootDET17
Chris CarterDET12
Strikeouts per 9 IP
Doug AckermanDET8.1
Dan BinghamDET6.5
Neil SchmidtDET5.9
Dan BinghamDET3.83
Doug AckermanDET2.31
Neil SchmidtDET1.36
Dan BinghamDET1.44
Doug AckermanDET1.77
Neil SchmidtDET1.83
Hits per 9 IP
Dan BinghamDET11.3
Neil SchmidtDET12.1
Doug AckermanDET12.4
Opponents AVG
Dan BinghamDET.308
Doug AckermanDET.317
Neil SchmidtDET.333
Opponents OBP
Dan BinghamDET.338
Doug AckermanDET.373
Neil SchmidtDET.402
Opponents SLG
Dan BinghamDET.438
Doug AckermanDET.497
Neil SchmidtDET.530
Opponents OPS
Dan BinghamDET.777
Doug AckermanDET.870
Neil SchmidtDET.931
Dan BinghamDET.368
Neil SchmidtDET.372
Doug AckermanDET.378
Dan BinghamDET9
Tony SmithDET5
David McKeeDET4
Ken MillerDET3
Karl BowlesDET3

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