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Detroit Penguins
Basic Pitching Stats Report - Split: Overall
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Tony Smith CL1040.96809.15110270.75.156.200
David McKee SP0011.807010.05221070.50.152.160
Ken Miller MR2002.791009.211330621.76.306.324
Dan Bingham SP1203.095532.040121116231.44.308.368
Karl Bowles SP1103.12708.293311101.15.257.333
Russell Barfoot MR1205.7415015.222111027171.85.333.426
Doug Ackerman SP0205.947733.1462322413301.77.317.378
Neil Schmidt SP1206.216629.0392220414191.83.333.372
Ramón Rodríguez MR1006.2812014.12211104351.74.355.340
Raoul Rospigliosi SP0107.00719.011771261.44.306.345
Chris Baird MR1108.1615014.11713133661.60.304.298
Chris Carter SP1308.875523.131232366121.59.320.316
Mike Boyd SP00011.57402.15330223.00.455.556

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