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Washington Nationals
Team Leaders
Team Batting Leaderboards
Batting AVG
Chris McDanielWAS.353
Gerald DeanWAS.338
José CandeláriaWAS.333
Jimmy BellWAS.297
Paul MiddletonWAS.275
On-Base PCT
Chris McDanielWAS.456
Gerald DeanWAS.404
José CandeláriaWAS.378
Ralph HarrisWAS.368
Jimmy BellWAS.324
Slugging PCT
Chris McDanielWAS.612
José CandeláriaWAS.500
Gerald DeanWAS.500
Jimmy BellWAS.455
Ralph HarrisWAS.397
On-Base + Slugging
Chris McDanielWAS1.068
Gerald DeanWAS.904
José CandeláriaWAS.878
Jimmy BellWAS.779
Ralph HarrisWAS.765
Chris McDanielWAS12.9
Gerald DeanWAS6.6
Jimmy BellWAS5.1
José CandeláriaWAS4.5
Gabriel PérezWAS2.1
Runs Created
Chris McDanielWAS25.6
Gerald DeanWAS16.1
Jimmy BellWAS14.4
José CandeláriaWAS14.3
Ralph HarrisWAS10.3
Runs Created / 27 outs
Chris McDanielWAS12.11
Gerald DeanWAS7.90
José CandeláriaWAS7.27
Jimmy BellWAS5.24
Ralph HarrisWAS4.63
Isolated Power
Chris McDanielWAS.259
José CandeláriaWAS.167
Gerald DeanWAS.162
Jimmy BellWAS.158
Ralph HarrisWAS.137
Jimmy BellWAS24
Chris McDanielWAS24
Gerald DeanWAS22
Ralph HarrisWAS22
Richard McDowellWAS22
Jimmy BellWAS101
Chris McDanielWAS85
Gerald DeanWAS80
Ralph HarrisWAS73
José CandeláriaWAS72
Chris McDanielWAS19
Jimmy BellWAS15
Gerald DeanWAS10
José CandeláriaWAS9
Ralph HarrisWAS9
Jimmy BellWAS30
Chris McDanielWAS30
Gerald DeanWAS27
José CandeláriaWAS24
Ralph HarrisWAS19
Total Bases
Chris McDanielWAS52
Jimmy BellWAS46
Gerald DeanWAS40
José CandeláriaWAS36
Ralph HarrisWAS29
Jimmy BellWAS22
Chris McDanielWAS20
Gerald DeanWAS19
José CandeláriaWAS18
Paul MiddletonWAS16
Ralph HarrisWAS8
Gerald DeanWAS5
Jimmy BellWAS4
Chris McDanielWAS4
Gabriel PérezWAS4
Gerald DeanWAS1
Ralph HarrisWAS1
Richard McDowellWAS1
Paul MiddletonWAS1
Andrew RoseWAS1
Home Runs
Chris McDanielWAS6
Jimmy BellWAS4
José CandeláriaWAS3
Gerald DeanWAS2
Gabriel PérezWAS2
Runs Batted In
Jimmy BellWAS20
Chris McDanielWAS16
José CandeláriaWAS15
Gerald DeanWAS8
Gabriel PérezWAS8
Stolen Bases
Paul MiddletonWAS5
Luis ZacoríasWAS2
Edmund BrewerWAS1
Gerardo ColomoWAS1
Gerald DeanWAS1
Chris McDanielWAS15
Ralph HarrisWAS12
Gerald DeanWAS9
Manuel ReyesWAS7
Jeff StevensonWAS7
Intentional Walks
José CandeláriaWAS2
Edmund BrewerWAS1
Gerardo ColomoWAS1
Gerald DeanWAS1
Ralph HarrisWAS1
Chris McDanielWAS2
Carlos BurgosWAS1
José CandeláriaWAS1
Gerardo ColomoWAS1
Ralph HarrisWAS1
Jimmy BellWAS17
José CandeláriaWAS17
Gerald DeanWAS17
Eugene DempseyWAS16
Ralph HarrisWAS13
Sacrifice Hits
José GonzálezWAS3
Richard McDowellWAS3
Pedro HerreraWAS2
James PetersonWAS2
Jimmy BellWAS1
Sacrifice Flies
José CandeláriaWAS3
Paul MiddletonWAS2
Eugene DempseyWAS1
Ralph HarrisWAS1
Chris McDanielWAS1
Team Pitching Leaderboards
José GonzálezWAS3.57
Ray CollinsWAS3.64
Craig WestWAS6.29
José GonzálezWAS3
Ray CollinsWAS2
Barton FryeWAS2
Pedro HerreraWAS2
Douglas TuckerWAS2
Craig WestWAS3
José GonzálezWAS2
James PetersonWAS2
Joe BradleyWAS1
Ray CollinsWAS1
Winning PCT
Ray CollinsWAS.667
José GonzálezWAS.600
Craig WestWAS.250
Joe BradleyWAS9
Edward AdamsWAS1
Ray CollinsWAS0
Salvador FernándezWAS0
Barton FryeWAS0
Games Pitched
Pedro HerreraWAS16
Tristan TerryWAS16
Douglas TuckerWAS14
Edward AdamsWAS11
Joe BradleyWAS11
Games Started
Ray CollinsWAS5
José GonzálezWAS5
James PetersonWAS5
Craig WestWAS5
Barton FryeWAS4
Complete Games
Edward AdamsWAS0
Joe BradleyWAS0
Ray CollinsWAS0
Salvador FernándezWAS0
Barton FryeWAS0
Edward AdamsWAS0
Joe BradleyWAS0
Ray CollinsWAS0
Salvador FernándezWAS0
Barton FryeWAS0
Innings Pitched
José GonzálezWAS35.1
Ray CollinsWAS29.2
Craig WestWAS24.1
James PetersonWAS23.2
Barton FryeWAS18.0
Hits Allowed
José GonzálezWAS35
Ray CollinsWAS32
Craig WestWAS31
James PetersonWAS26
Salvador FernándezWAS18
Home Runs Allowed
Craig WestWAS4
Ray CollinsWAS2
Barton FryeWAS2
Salvador FernándezWAS1
José GonzálezWAS1
Walks Allowed
Ray CollinsWAS15
José GonzálezWAS12
James PetersonWAS10
Joe BradleyWAS5
Douglas TuckerWAS5
Walks per 9 IP
Craig WestWAS1.1
José GonzálezWAS3.1
Ray CollinsWAS4.6
Craig WestWAS32
Tristan TerryWAS24
Ray CollinsWAS22
José GonzálezWAS21
Pedro HerreraWAS16
Strikeouts per 9 IP
Craig WestWAS11.8
Ray CollinsWAS6.7
José GonzálezWAS5.3
Craig WestWAS10.67
José GonzálezWAS1.75
Ray CollinsWAS1.47
José GonzálezWAS1.33
Craig WestWAS1.40
Ray CollinsWAS1.58
Hits per 9 IP
José GonzálezWAS8.9
Ray CollinsWAS9.7
Craig WestWAS11.5
Opponents AVG
José GonzálezWAS.265
Ray CollinsWAS.276
Craig WestWAS.304
Opponents OBP
José GonzálezWAS.322
Craig WestWAS.330
Ray CollinsWAS.359
Opponents SLG
José GonzálezWAS.371
Ray CollinsWAS.422
Craig WestWAS.510
Opponents OPS
José GonzálezWAS.693
Ray CollinsWAS.781
Craig WestWAS.840
José GonzálezWAS.309
Ray CollinsWAS.326
Craig WestWAS.409
José GonzálezWAS9
Douglas TuckerWAS8
Pedro HerreraWAS7
Tristan TerryWAS7
Ray CollinsWAS7

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