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Los Angeles Stars
Team Leaders
Team Batting Leaderboards
Batting AVG
Vicente LópezLA.352
Scott McDonaldLA.309
Ben FranklinLA.306
Mario FloresLA.273
Paul GângioveanuLA.263
On-Base PCT
Vicente LópezLA.434
Paul GângioveanuLA.398
Ben FranklinLA.381
Scott McDonaldLA.374
Mario FloresLA.347
Slugging PCT
Vicente LópezLA.615
Paul GângioveanuLA.553
Mario FloresLA.523
Ben FranklinLA.518
Scott McDonaldLA.412
On-Base + Slugging
Vicente LópezLA1.049
Paul GângioveanuLA.950
Ben FranklinLA.899
Mario FloresLA.870
Scott McDonaldLA.786
Vicente LópezLA10.2
Sadatake SatoLA9.9
Nick GrayLA9.0
Paul GângioveanuLA7.7
Mario FloresLA6.3
Runs Created
Vicente LópezLA24.8
Sadatake SatoLA19.0
Ben FranklinLA16.1
Paul GângioveanuLA15.9
Mario FloresLA15.7
Runs Created / 27 outs
Vicente LópezLA10.79
Paul GângioveanuLA7.03
Ben FranklinLA6.80
Mario FloresLA6.43
Scott McDonaldLA6.17
Isolated Power
Paul GângioveanuLA.289
Vicente LópezLA.264
Mario FloresLA.250
Ben FranklinLA.212
Scott McDonaldLA.103
Mario FloresLA23
Ben FranklinLA23
Vicente LópezLA23
Scott McDonaldLA23
Sadatake SatoLA22
Scott McDonaldLA97
Vicente LópezLA91
Mario FloresLA88
Ben FranklinLA85
Paul GângioveanuLA76
Vicente LópezLA21
Scott McDonaldLA18
Paul GângioveanuLA16
Nick GrayLA14
Mario FloresLA13
Vicente LópezLA32
Scott McDonaldLA30
Ben FranklinLA26
Mario FloresLA24
Nick GrayLA21
Total Bases
Vicente LópezLA56
Mario FloresLA46
Ben FranklinLA44
Paul GângioveanuLA42
Scott McDonaldLA40
Scott McDonaldLA22
Vicente LópezLA21
Ben FranklinLA16
Nick GrayLA16
Mario FloresLA14
Paul GângioveanuLA8
Scott McDonaldLA7
Ben FranklinLA6
Mario FloresLA4
Vicente LópezLA4
Paul GângioveanuLA1
Vicente LópezLA1
Joe AdamsLA0
José ÁlvarezLA0
Dave AtkinsonLA0
Home Runs
Mario FloresLA6
Vicente LópezLA6
Sadatake SatoLA6
Tom ElliottLA4
Ben FranklinLA4
Runs Batted In
Vicente LópezLA21
Sadatake SatoLA20
Mario FloresLA15
Ben FranklinLA14
Paul GângioveanuLA14
Stolen Bases
Mario FloresLA3
Ben FranklinLA1
Joe AdamsLA0
José ÁlvarezLA0
Dave AtkinsonLA0
Paul GângioveanuLA16
Sadatake SatoLA15
Vicente LópezLA14
Tom ElliottLA10
Mario FloresLA10
Intentional Walks
Vicente LópezLA4
Mario FloresLA2
Ben FranklinLA2
Reynaldo BerroaLA1
Tom ElliottLA1
Dave AtkinsonLA1
Ben FranklinLA1
Paul GângioveanuLA1
Orlando GarcíaLA1
Joe AdamsLA0
Mario FloresLA26
Paul GângioveanuLA20
Scott McDonaldLA18
Ben FranklinLA17
Tom ElliottLA15
Sacrifice Hits
Luis MercadoLA3
Joe AdamsLA2
Álvaro ManuelLA2
Pancho MorenoLA1
Dax StantonLA1
Sacrifice Flies
Tom ElliottLA2
Dave AtkinsonLA1
Ben FranklinLA1
Nick GrayLA1
Vicente LópezLA1
Team Pitching Leaderboards
Dax StantonLA3.38
Luis MercadoLA4.45
Álvaro ManuelLA4.85
Joe AdamsLA9.75
Luis MercadoLA4
José ÁlvarezLA2
Álvaro ManuelLA2
Salvador MejíaLA1
Pancho MorenoLA1
Joe AdamsLA4
Jerry FieldsLA2
Álvaro ManuelLA2
José ÁlvarezLA1
Ken TylerLA1
Winning PCT
Luis MercadoLA1.000
Dax StantonLA1.000
Álvaro ManuelLA.500
Joe AdamsLA.000
Salvador MejíaLA6
Pancho MorenoLA1
Ken TylerLA1
Joe AdamsLA0
José ÁlvarezLA0
Games Pitched
Pedro SánchezLA16
Ken TylerLA16
Jerry FieldsLA13
Salvador MejíaLA12
Pancho MorenoLA12
Games Started
Joe AdamsLA5
Álvaro ManuelLA5
Luis MercadoLA5
Dax StantonLA5
Elliott WoodsLA3
Complete Games
Joe AdamsLA0
José ÁlvarezLA0
Jerry FieldsLA0
Álvaro ManuelLA0
Salvador MejíaLA0
Joe AdamsLA0
José ÁlvarezLA0
Jerry FieldsLA0
Álvaro ManuelLA0
Salvador MejíaLA0
Innings Pitched
Luis MercadoLA30.1
Dax StantonLA29.1
Álvaro ManuelLA26.0
Joe AdamsLA24.0
Ken TylerLA21.1
Hits Allowed
Joe AdamsLA40
Luis MercadoLA28
Álvaro ManuelLA26
Dax StantonLA26
Ken TylerLA23
Home Runs Allowed
Álvaro ManuelLA7
Luis MercadoLA6
José ÁlvarezLA2
Pancho MorenoLA2
Ken TylerLA2
Walks Allowed
Joe AdamsLA18
Dax StantonLA12
Jerry FieldsLA8
Ken TylerLA8
José ÁlvarezLA7
Walks per 9 IP
Luis MercadoLA2.1
Álvaro ManuelLA2.4
Dax StantonLA3.7
Joe AdamsLA6.8
Dax StantonLA31
Jerry FieldsLA23
Luis MercadoLA22
Pancho MorenoLA22
Joe AdamsLA18
Strikeouts per 9 IP
Dax StantonLA9.5
Joe AdamsLA6.8
Luis MercadoLA6.5
Álvaro ManuelLA5.2
Luis MercadoLA3.14
Dax StantonLA2.58
Álvaro ManuelLA2.14
Joe AdamsLA1.00
Luis MercadoLA1.15
Álvaro ManuelLA1.27
Dax StantonLA1.30
Joe AdamsLA2.42
Hits per 9 IP
Dax StantonLA8.0
Luis MercadoLA8.3
Álvaro ManuelLA9.0
Joe AdamsLA15.0
Opponents AVG
Dax StantonLA.234
Luis MercadoLA.257
Álvaro ManuelLA.268
Joe AdamsLA.385
Opponents OBP
Dax StantonLA.306
Luis MercadoLA.311
Álvaro ManuelLA.324
Joe AdamsLA.477
Opponents SLG
Dax StantonLA.333
Luis MercadoLA.440
Joe AdamsLA.500
Álvaro ManuelLA.577
Opponents OPS
Dax StantonLA.640
Luis MercadoLA.751
Álvaro ManuelLA.901
Joe AdamsLA.977
Álvaro ManuelLA.253
Luis MercadoLA.272
Dax StantonLA.325
Joe AdamsLA.459
Dax StantonLA8
Ken TylerLA7
Salvador MejíaLA6
José ÁlvarezLA5
Jerry FieldsLA5

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