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ELB Double A
Positional Strength Overview By Positions
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Buffalo AntelopesDustin Jones1st7th7th
Ocean City SeagullsFernando Gámez2ndCristián MéndezTied for 7th8th
Stockton ExchangeStan McCullough3rdTied for 7th9th
Lincoln TerrapinsShawn Lewis4thShawn Lewis4th2nd
Jersey City RampagersMike Thompson5thTied for 7th10th
Glendale Sky SoxPeter Hansen6thPeter Hansen6th3rd
Anchorage AlertsChristophe Lacroix7thChristophe Lacroix1st1st
Plano CapitolsEldon Meyer8thEldon MeyerTied for 7th11th
Long Neck CubsBradley Bugbie9thPeter Roach5th6th
Laredo DoomRay Long10thRay Long3rd4th
Hickory CrawdadsDewey Parker11thDewey Parker2nd5th
Louisville Blue Sox12thTied for 7th12th
First Basemen
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Jersey City RampagersKen Carver1stAlan HornadayTied for 5th3rd
Ocean City SeagullsMarc Webb2ndJuan FloresTied for 5th4th
Lincoln TerrapinsEsteban Ramírez3rdEsteban RamírezTied for 5th6th
Plano CapitolsMauro García4thFrank Koch5th7th
Long Neck CubsSteve Moss5thBob Chambers2nd2nd
Buffalo AntelopesJesús Anvizu6thBrian Byrd1st1st
Hickory CrawdadsIsmael Martínez7thIsmael MartínezTied for 5th8th
Anchorage AlertsHarlan Petersen8thTied for 5th10th
Stockton ExchangeGerardo Utra9thJosh ThuillerTied for 5th11th
Glendale Sky SoxJesse Hamm10thJesse Hamm3rd5th
Laredo DoomChris Johnson11thChris Johnson4th9th
Louisville Blue Sox12thTied for 5th12th
Second Basemen
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Lincoln TerrapinsBryce Gardner1stGeorge Jones2nd1st
Ocean City SeagullsJermaine Owens2ndJosé Ayala3rd2nd
Laredo DoomEric Thatch3rdRichard MackTied for 7th7th
Buffalo AntelopesEd Tatum4th7th8th
Long Neck CubsJason Jackson5thJeff Jenkins4th3rd
Anchorage AlertsTomás Taváres6thTomás Taváres1st4th
Hickory CrawdadsGuonçalle Ivan7thJesús Díaz5th5th
Glendale Sky SoxTravis Lewis8thTravis Lewis6th6th
Stockton ExchangeÁngel Martínez9thÁngel MartínezTied for 7th9th
Plano CapitolsTied for 10thTied for 7th10th
Jersey City RampagersTied for 10thTied for 7thTied for 10th
Louisville Blue SoxTied for 10thTied for 7thTied for 10th
Third Basemen
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Ocean City SeagullsJames Martin1stTied for 5th4th
Lincoln TerrapinsNeil Miller2ndAugusto Magana3rd2nd
Stockton ExchangeKen Harrison3rdKen HarrisonTied for 5th6th
Long Neck CubsJosé Pérez4thVictor Seabolt2nd3rd
Buffalo AntelopesCulley Barnes5thJesús Rodríguez5th7th
Plano CapitolsAntónio González6thAntónio González1st1st
Jersey City RampagersDave Lewis7thTied for 5th8th
Hickory CrawdadsCésar Navieras8thCésar NavierasTied for 5th9th
Anchorage AlertsJim Moore9thJim MooreTied for 5th10th
Glendale Sky SoxMatt Harper10thMatt Harper4th5th
Laredo DoomTied for 11thTied for 5th11th
Louisville Blue SoxTied for 11thTied for 5thTied for 11th
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Lincoln TerrapinsLeonardo Farías1stLeonardo FaríasTied for 6th6th
Ocean City SeagullsErnesto Meléndez2ndTied for 6th7th
Louisville Blue SoxPancho Pérez3rdPancho Pérez2nd1st
Long Neck CubsFélix Ojito4thFélix Ojito3rd2nd
Hickory CrawdadsJosé Díaz5thJosé Díaz4th4th
Stockton ExchangeJoe Hopkins6thJoe Hopkins1st3rd
Jersey City RampagersDerek Springer7thDerek Springer5th5th
Glendale Sky SoxJustin Ray8thJustin RayTied for 6th8th
Anchorage AlertsRicardo Gonzáles9thRicardo GonzálesTied for 6th9th
Plano CapitolsCullen Simpson10thCullen SimpsonTied for 6th10th
Buffalo AntelopesTied for 11th6th11th
Laredo DoomTied for 11thTied for 6thTied for 11th
Left Fielders
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Lincoln TerrapinsRonnie Roberts1stRonnie RobertsTied for 3rd3rd
Ocean City SeagullsJuan Costa2ndTied for 3rd4th
Louisville Blue SoxJake Lowe3rdJake LoweTied for 3rd5th
Jersey City RampagersCarlos Norwood4thTied for 3rd6th
Buffalo AntelopesMichael Russell5thMichael Russell3rd7th
Anchorage AlertsJerry Richards6thMarco Caetaminha1st1st
Long Neck CubsAamir Lodhi7thAamir Lodhi2nd2nd
Plano CapitolsBrian Green8thTied for 3rd8th
Glendale Sky SoxArmando Martínez9thArmando MartínezTied for 3rd9th
Hickory CrawdadsBob Miller10thTied for 3rd10th
Stockton ExchangeCisco Martínez11thLeland McKeggieTied for 3rd11th
Laredo DoomArtie McCord12thArtie McCordTied for 3rd12th
Center Fielders
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Ocean City SeagullsGustavo Alfonso1stTied for 3rd3rd
Jersey City RampagersBruno Campbell2ndBruno CampbellTied for 3rd4th
Stockton ExchangeCarlos Mendoza3rdTied for 3rd5th
Long Neck CubsMario Rivera4thMario Rivera2nd1st
Plano CapitolsMarc Williams5thJosé DurangoTied for 3rd6th
Buffalo AntelopesJosé Salazar6th3rd7th
Laredo DoomRonnie Crawford7thRobert Kemp1st2nd
Hickory CrawdadsMillard Grimes8thMatt SullivanTied for 3rd8th
Anchorage AlertsMiguel Franco9thMiguel FrancoTied for 3rd9th
Glendale Sky SoxMichael Schmidt10thMichael SchmidtTied for 3rd10th
Louisville Blue SoxTied for 11thTied for 3rd11th
Lincoln TerrapinsTied for 11thTied for 3rdTied for 11th
Right Fielders
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Jersey City RampagersMike Hooper1stMike HooperTied for 6th6th
Ocean City SeagullsYoshi Takayanagi2ndJosé Zambrano1st1st
Louisville Blue SoxMillard Church3rdMatt McKessock2nd2nd
Buffalo AntelopesJosé García4thYasukazu Takahashi3rd3rd
Long Neck CubsEdmund Carey5thEdmund Carey6th7th
Hickory CrawdadsBob Marshall6thTied for 6th8th
Plano CapitolsDomingo Chávez7thTied for 6th9th
Glendale Sky SoxDoug Nixon8thRamón Figueroa5th4th
Stockton ExchangeRoger Taylor9thRoger TaylorTied for 6th10th
Laredo DoomJosé Huerta10thJosé Huerta4th5th
Lincoln TerrapinsDavid Rutledge11thDavid RutledgeTied for 6th11th
Anchorage Alerts12thTied for 6th12th
Starting Pitchers
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Laredo DoomRickey McLeod1stRoberto Cervantes1st1st
Plano CapitolsJesús Rico2ndCedric WootenTied for 2nd2nd
Lincoln TerrapinsBilly Porter3rdBilly PorterTied for 2nd3rd
Glendale Sky SoxDirk Clift4thJeff BurtonTied for 2nd4th
Ocean City SeagullsRafael Pérez5thBrad TomlinsonTied for 2nd5th
Hickory CrawdadsNexhat Gashi6thNexhat GashiTied for 2nd6th
Anchorage AlertsMike Ball7thRyan HarrisTied for 2nd7th
Louisville Blue SoxScott Griffin8thSteve DeckerTied for 2nd8th
Long Neck CubsIván SánchezTied for 9thIván Sánchez2nd9th
Buffalo AntelopesLee HickeyTied for 9thLee HickeyTied for 2ndTied for 9th
Stockton ExchangeJohn EtheridgeTied for 9thJosé OrtegaTied for 2ndTied for 9th
Jersey City RampagersJuan TaváresTied for 9thLawrence LawsonTied for 2ndTied for 9th
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Stockton ExchangeBobby Quinn1stSonny Mitchell11th11th
Lincoln TerrapinsRic Williams2ndRic Williams1st1st
Ocean City SeagullsMac Wilson3rdJosé Carlos Villanueva4th2nd
Buffalo AntelopesTerence Lopez4thTerence Lopez7th4th
Plano CapitolsLeonard McNie5thRicardo Reyes5th3rd
Hickory CrawdadsBrian Clark6thIgnacio Valenzuela6th6th
Laredo DoomManuel Salinas7thDoug Glover10th8th
Anchorage AlertsTansy Pappageorge8thJuan Mendoza3rd5th
Long Neck CubsKarl Leslie9thCale Veeck8th9th
Glendale Sky SoxTim Howell10thTim Howell9th10th
Jersey City RampagersDave Christian11thJon Humphrey2nd7th
Louisville Blue SoxRichard Simpson12thJesús RiveraTied for 11th12th
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Stockton ExchangeGlen England1stGlen England6th2nd
Lincoln TerrapinsJohn Mueller2ndJohn Mueller3rd1st
Buffalo AntelopesHarvey Dickey3rdTerence Lopez9th6th
Ocean City SeagullsTommy Andrews4thJosé Carlos Villanueva4th4th
Hickory CrawdadsJohn Larson5thJohn Larson1st3rd
Long Neck CubsAntónio Maldonado6thAntónio Maldonado11th10th
Jersey City RampagersJohn McClure7thJon Humphrey5th5th
Laredo DoomJeff McIntosh8thDerrick McCann8th8th
Glendale Sky SoxMark Patterson9thMark Patterson7th7th
Plano CapitolsRob Park10thRob Park12th12th
Anchorage AlertsElliot Williams11thElliot Williams10th11th
Louisville Blue SoxChris Mitchell12thChris Mitchell2nd9th

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