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ELB Double A
Available Coaches
General ManagerEsteban Arredondo4410 
Pitching CoachRoy Baur426 
General ManagerJosé Betacourt415 
ManagerMark Blankenship370 
Pitching CoachIan Bostwick360 
General ManagerDon Butler4613 
General ManagerAlbert Cardona444 
Team TrainerGene Chapman380 
ManagerPreston Chase439 
ManagerRamiro Contreras370 
ScoutRich Copeland453 
ManagerRoberto Cruz363 
Pitching CoachSpencer Davis4611 
Pitching CoachGene Douglas439 
Team TrainerJoe Duffy381 
ManagerSteven Flannery375 
Hitting CoachMiguel Fuentes437 
ManagerEdison Garrison447 
ManagerRoberto Gonzáles391 
Hitting CoachJorge González467 
Pitching CoachTim Griffin380 
Pitching CoachVic Gross439 
Hitting CoachAntónio Gutiérrez402 
ManagerMike Hatfield371 
Hitting CoachRafael Helton432 
Pitching CoachStephen Hester456 
Team TrainerNick Hoover469 
ManagerBusuttil Hussain390 
ManagerEverett Ingram4512 
ManagerArthur Keith360 
Pitching CoachShawn Keller406 
ManagerBob Kent413 
Hitting CoachNorm LeBlanc370 
ManagerPatrick MacDonald437 
ManagerDaniel Martin360 
Pitching CoachTroy Mathews456 
ManagerDaniel Mills390 
Pitching CoachJoan Morand382 
Hitting CoachVíctor Navarro360 
ScoutBrad Nelson411 
ManagerAntónio Nieves383 
ManagerMario Pérez408 
Hitting CoachSteve Porter413 
Hitting CoachAlan Price380 
Pitching CoachErik Prior438 
General ManagerJuan Ramírez380 
ManagerGustavo Rivera403 
Hitting CoachJosé Rodríguez437 
ScoutCésar Rosas448 
Team TrainerAyoub Rousseau406 
Pitching CoachJuan Jose Salas364 
ManagerEdgardo Salazar360 
ManagerBob Scroggie370 
ScoutChris Spivey360 
Hitting CoachMerlin Walker427 
Hitting CoachElmer Wallace415 
Hitting CoachJermaine Webster380 
ManagerMichael White437 
ManagerOscar White390 
General ManagerSilas Woodard380 
General ManagerLan-fang Zhan330 

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