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ELB Triple A
Standings Report
Sub League 1 Standings
Division 1
Lexington Blackbears123.800-11-416-36-02-03-0129W69-1
Colorado Springs Independants114.733113-2-24-27-21-11-1 L16-4
Delavan Sandhogs96.600312-3-32-47-20-20-2 W37-3
Aurora Grey Owls87.53349-6-16-02-70-01-1 W17-3
West Union Undertakers312.20092-1311-82-40-00-0 L110-10
Hilmar-Irwin Rebels213.133103-12-10-92-40-00-1 L91-9
Sub League 2 Standings
Division 1
Garland Kestrels105.667-10-504-26-31-04-2129W18-2
Hoover Thunder Wolves96.60019-603-36-31-03-2 W25-5
Harrisburg Hawks96.60018-715-44-20-22-2 L24-6
Tampa Victory78.46736-915-42-42-13-2 W25-5
Pittsburgh Pirates510.33356-9-12-43-60-10-3 L24-6
Charlotte Knights510.33356-9-13-62-41-12-3 L14-6

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