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Eagle League Baseball
Team vs Team Standings
Atlantic City SurfRecord
Denver Pines4-3
Key West Manatees1-4
North Pole Santas5-1
Reading Ravens1-2
Seattle Pilots1-2
Denver PinesRecord
Atlantic City Surf3-4
Key West Manatees1-2
North Pole Santas1-2
Reading Ravens2-3
Seattle Pilots1-5
Detroit PenguinsRecord
Los Angeles Stars2-1
San Benito Greyhounds0-3
Springfield Isotopes2-4
Washington Nationals3-4
Winter Park Blaze3-2
Key West ManateesRecord
Atlantic City Surf4-1
Denver Pines2-1
North Pole Santas3-4
Reading Ravens4-2
Seattle Pilots1-2
Los Angeles StarsRecord
Detroit Penguins1-2
San Benito Greyhounds3-3
Springfield Isotopes4-1
Washington Nationals1-2
Winter Park Blaze4-3
North Pole SantasRecord
Atlantic City Surf1-5
Denver Pines2-1
Key West Manatees4-3
Reading Ravens1-2
Seattle Pilots5-0
Reading RavensRecord
Atlantic City Surf2-1
Denver Pines3-2
Key West Manatees2-4
North Pole Santas2-1
Seattle Pilots4-3
San Benito GreyhoundsRecord
Detroit Penguins3-0
Los Angeles Stars3-3
Springfield Isotopes6-1
Washington Nationals2-3
Winter Park Blaze3-0
Seattle PilotsRecord
Atlantic City Surf2-1
Denver Pines5-1
Key West Manatees2-1
North Pole Santas0-5
Reading Ravens3-4
Springfield IsotopesRecord
Detroit Penguins4-2
Los Angeles Stars1-4
San Benito Greyhounds1-6
Washington Nationals2-1
Winter Park Blaze1-2
Washington NationalsRecord
Detroit Penguins4-3
Los Angeles Stars2-1
San Benito Greyhounds3-2
Springfield Isotopes1-2
Winter Park Blaze4-2
Winter Park BlazeRecord
Detroit Penguins2-3
Los Angeles Stars3-4
San Benito Greyhounds0-3
Springfield Isotopes2-1
Washington Nationals2-4

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