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Eagle League Baseball
Positional Strength Overview By Positions
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Seattle PilotsGustavo Costa1stJorge Martínez2nd1st
Los Angeles StarsPaul Gângioveanu2ndPeter Roach7th3rd
Reading RavensRoger Dantie3rdCristián Méndez3rd2nd
San Benito GreyhoundsDiego Pérez4thJeffery Collins8th5th
Atlantic City SurfJuan Cetulio5thTied for 9th9th
North Pole SantasRory Lee6thAntónio SalazarTied for 9th10th
Washington NationalsAndrew Rose7thEugene Dempsey4th4th
Key West ManateesMiguel Gracía8thCristóbal DíazTied for 9th11th
Winter Park BlazeGerardo Albardeira9thNeil Thomas5th7th
Springfield IsotopesTomás Muñóz10thEldon Meyer9th12th
Detroit PenguinsKeith Keys11thBrendon Roberts6th8th
Denver PinesGuillermo Yan12thGuillermo Yan1st6th
First Basemen
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Key West ManateesJesús Sánchez1stBrian Byrd2nd1st
Denver PinesJacob Hill2ndAndrew Hoffman9th8th
Reading RavensDan McNeill3rdJuan FloresTied for 9th9th
Washington NationalsChris McDaniel4thIsmael Martínez6th3rd
Atlantic City SurfKris Green5thAlejandro Ortega7th4th
San Benito GreyhoundsCarl Kirkland6thCarl Kirkland1st2nd
Springfield IsotopesÁngel Valdéz7thFrank KochTied for 9th11th
Detroit PenguinsLorenzo Nieves8thChris Johnson8th10th
Seattle PilotsRobert Hodges9thAlan Hornaday3rd5th
Los Angeles StarsDave Atkinson10thBob Chambers4th6th
Winter Park BlazeDanny Brown11thMiguel Ramírez5th7th
North Pole SantasPhil Young12thTied for 9th12th
Second Basemen
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Springfield IsotopesHoward Simpson1stCarlos VegaTied for 8th7th
Detroit PenguinsGeorge Ramsey2ndAntónio Serrano6th2nd
Key West ManateesAlex Doss3rdTied for 8th9th
North Pole SantasKent Hampton4thTied for 8th10th
Reading RavensRicardo Romero5thJosé Ayala1st1st
Atlantic City SurfSean Neubauer6thÁngel MartínezTied for 8th11th
Washington NationalsPaul Middleton7thGerardo Colomo3rd3rd
Denver PinesPhilip Frye8thEd Horton4th5th
San Benito GreyhoundsJim Steward9thGeorge Jones2nd4th
Los Angeles StarsScott McDonald10thJeff Jenkins5th6th
Winter Park BlazeSergio García11thTravis Lewis7th8th
Seattle PilotsJuan Béltre12thJosé Bafana8th12th
Third Basemen
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Winter Park BlazeCurt Williams1stGeorge Rouse3rd1st
Detroit PenguinsJoe Patterson2ndByron MacGruder7th4th
Atlantic City SurfRichard MacIntosh3rdKen HarrisonTied for 8th8th
Washington NationalsJimmy Bell4thEsteban Luna5th3rd
Los Angeles StarsMario Flores5thDan Shepherd1st2nd
Seattle PilotsRichard Jewell6th8th9th
Reading RavensSamuel Ford7thTied for 8th10th
Denver PinesClaude Phillips8thClemenz Heregger2nd5th
North Pole SantasMike Edgar9thTied for 8th11th
San Benito GreyhoundsBill Ferguson10thBill Ferguson6th7th
Springfield IsotopesDave Butler11thRodger Lenhart4th6th
Key West ManateesNorogumi Fujimoto12thJesús RodríguezTied for 8th12th
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Reading RavensEdmund Smith1stTied for 8th7th
Denver PinesLane Thompson2ndJosé Castillo4th1st
Seattle PilotsGustavo Espinosa3rdDerek Springer7th4th
San Benito GreyhoundsAlejandro Díaz4thLeonardo FaríasTied for 8th9th
Detroit PenguinsLogan Davis5thBobby MartinTied for 8th10th
North Pole SantasNeil Graham6thGerardo Ospira2nd3rd
Springfield IsotopesSammy Reed7thJosé Reyes5th6th
Winter Park BlazeDawson Aucoin8thJustin Ray8th11th
Key West ManateesFrank Lee9thMitchell RoseTied for 8th12th
Washington NationalsRalph Harris10thJosé Díaz6th8th
Atlantic City SurfJoam Ricalde11thEddie Green1st2nd
Los Angeles StarsOrlando García12thFélix Ojito3rd5th
Left Fielders
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Reading RavensArmando Torres1stTied for 8th8th
San Benito GreyhoundsHarvey Woods2ndRonnie Roberts7th4th
Seattle PilotsJosé Jiménez3rd8th9th
Los Angeles StarsNick Gray4thAamir Lodhi4th2nd
Springfield IsotopesMike Cakebread5thDon Hicks1st1st
Key West ManateesAlberto Parra6thMichael RussellTied for 8th10th
Washington NationalsJosé Candelária7thJosé MéndezTied for 8th11th
Atlantic City SurfKane Meyer8thLeland McKeggieTied for 8th12th
North Pole SantasEmílio Martínez9thJuan Jose Lozano2nd3rd
Detroit PenguinsClarence Wilson10thJuan González5th6th
Winter Park BlazeÁnibal Mejía11thArmando Martínez3rd5th
Denver PinesBrian Ayton12thMarco Caetaminha6th7th
Center Fielders
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
San Benito GreyhoundsBennie Kerr1stJason Moore6th6th
Key West ManateesSteve McPhun2ndTied for 6th7th
North Pole SantasNorberto Cuevas3rdJosé HerediaTied for 6th8th
Atlantic City SurfJulián Delgado4thDonald Richer5th1st
Los Angeles StarsTom Elliott5thMario Rivera3rd2nd
Springfield IsotopesPat Walsh6thJosé DurangoTied for 6th9th
Seattle PilotsCristo Pereira7thLúcio Vázquez1st3rd
Reading RavensLeon Fitzgerald8thMichael JohnsonTied for 6th10th
Detroit PenguinsNick Fuller9thRobert Kemp2nd4th
Winter Park BlazeEdward Hayes10thMichael Schmidt4th5th
Denver PinesMike Meeks11thMiguel FrancoTied for 6th11th
Washington NationalsEdmund Brewer12thMatt SullivanTied for 6th12th
Right Fielders
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Denver PinesJim Miller1stJohn Smith8th8th
Reading RavensHyde Dotson2ndJosé Zambrano2nd1st
Los Angeles StarsVicente López3rdEdmund CareyTied for 8th9th
Key West ManateesMiguel Ochoa4thYasukazu Takahashi3rd2nd
Detroit PenguinsÁngel Castro5thJosé Huerta4th3rd
North Pole SantasRamón Hernández6thMatt McKessock5th5th
Atlantic City SurfJoe Wood7thRoger TaylorTied for 8th10th
San Benito GreyhoundsLuis Torres8thLuis Torres1st4th
Seattle PilotsÁngelo Rivera9thMike Hooper6th6th
Winter Park BlazeSkip Brewer10thRamón Figueroa7th7th
Washington NationalsManuel Reyes11thTied for 8th11th
Springfield IsotopesLuis Ramírez12thTied for 8th12th
Starting Pitchers
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
North Pole SantasDel Stares1stTied for 4th4th
Atlantic City SurfGeorge Naughton2ndJosé OrtegaTied for 4th5th
Los Angeles StarsDax Stanton3rdScott St. JohnTied for 4th6th
Washington NationalsCraig West4thNexhat GashiTied for 4th7th
Springfield IsotopesDon Hathcock5thCedric WootenTied for 4th8th
Detroit PenguinsDan Bingham6thRoberto Cervantes2nd1st
Seattle PilotsArthur Rogers7thGustavo DíazTied for 4th9th
San Benito GreyhoundsJeckel Eberhart8thNelson PeñaTied for 4th10th
Winter Park BlazeRay Hartley9thRod Stewart4th11th
Denver PinesLogan Baker10thJack Page3rd3rd
Reading RavensJorge Nava11thMike Witt1st2nd
Key West ManateesKhaled Thibaud12thDennis CoxTied for 4th12th
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Washington NationalsPedro Herrera1stIgnacio Valenzuela8th1st
Los Angeles StarsPedro Sánchez2ndBeco Agrela11th4th
Atlantic City SurfBob Rice3rdPat MacGruder1st2nd
Winter Park BlazeNick Harris4thAntónio Ybarra10th6th
Reading RavensDon Williams5thJosé Carlos Villanueva9th7th
San Benito GreyhoundsAlfonso Ledesma6thAlbert Moore2nd3rd
North Pole SantasJoseph Meredith7thJesús Rivera3rd5th
Denver PinesFreddy Maes8thJuan Mendoza6th9th
Key West ManateesSteve Kaiser9thEnrico Arroyo4th8th
Springfield IsotopesFrancisco Romero10thRicardo Reyes7th11th
Seattle PilotsTerence Sims11thJon Humphrey5th10th
Detroit PenguinsJohn Crow12thJohn Wallace12th12th
TeamTop playerTeam rankingTop prospectOrganizational rankingOverall ranking
Reading RavensCarl McJames1stDon Murphy11th4th
Washington NationalsJoe Bradley2ndJohn Larson3rd1st
Detroit PenguinsTony Smith3rdDerrick McCann7th3rd
Springfield IsotopesPhilip Buchanan4thCarlos González6th5th
North Pole SantasJosé Zavala5thChris Mitchell1st2nd
Los Angeles StarsPedro Sánchez6thAntónio Maldonado12th8th
Key West ManateesRuss Moore7thEnrico Arroyo5th6th
Winter Park BlazeScott Moore8thAlonso Mickael8th7th
Denver PinesConner Taylor9thElliot Williams10th11th
Seattle PilotsSean Calhoun10thJake Cramer4th9th
Atlantic City SurfJuan Cruz11thJuan Cruz9th12th
San Benito GreyhoundsCésar Gonzáles12thJohn Mueller2nd10th

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