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The 2012 Preseason is right around the corner as it will begin this coming Monday, the 6th.  The entire week will be the preseason with 6 days simmed each day.

On Monday the 13th, the race for the second ELB title will begin as the regular season opens.


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Getting to Know You - Andy (Springfield)

Thanks to all who sent in questions for our first owner to be highlighted, Andy the Springfield Isotopes owner.  I have copied his responses below.  These features will be archived as they continue to the next owner.  The format will remain the same as the owners will be asking the questions and they may be different questions for each owner.  I want this to be tailored around each owner instead of cookie cutter questions.  I think we may learn more about each other that way.

1) What is your most memorial baseball moment?

Being only 26 and a diehard Milwaukee Brewers fan, I haven't had that many moments to cheer about in my baseball fandom. The summer of 2008 was pretty awesome, getting C. C. Sabathia and watching him pretty much single-handedly pitch us into the playoffs. But this past season was probably the best in terms of watching Brewers baseball, especially that Game 5 of the NLDS. I am in a Friday night bowling league and nearly every eye was glued to a TV for that entire game - which makes it damn hard to concentrate on bowling. When it went into extras and Nyjer Morgan hit the walk-off single, the place absolutely exploded. I think the only cooler moment would have been actually being at Miller Park to see it, but having the entire bowling alley pretty much stop bowling and cheer for a good 5 minutes was pretty awesome.

2) If you built a field as in the movie Field of Dreams, what player would you want to see walking out of the corn stalks?

I could go old-school Brewers and say a guy like Robin Yount or Rollie Fingers, but I think I would go with Babe Ruth. Sure, maybe a little cliche, but seriously - to be able to talk to a guy that is practically synonymous with baseball would be amazing. Plus then I could have my Sandlot moment :)

3) Where do you live? Where are you from?

I live in Appleton, Wisconsin - about 25 minutes south of Green Bay. I grew up and have lived here my entire life (minus a brief 4-year stint at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point).

4) Occupation

I am a programmer/analyst for J. J. Keller & Associates, a compliance/regulatory company in central Wisconsin. I help support our e-commerce website, been doing computer-related work like this for a long time.

5) Online experience with OOTP? Other sim games like Front Page Sports?

This is my first foray into OOTP at any level. I had always seen the game and thought it would be cool, just never got around to participating. I have been playing Front Office Football since late 2003/early 2004, so I have been around the community for quite a while.

6) Family?

Been married to my beautiful wife Kirsten for a little over 5 years. We have one daughter, Grace, who just turned 4. I imagine within a couple of years she could be in OOTP/FOF too... :)

7) Other Interests?

I enjoy anything related to computers (obviously) and video games. I also enjoy reading and playing sports (even though I am not all that good at too many, heh). I am an avid bowler (read: drinker) and I also love just hanging out with friends and family.

8) Favorite Band or Bands

My all-time favorite is probably Green Day, but I love a wide range of music. My Mom played a lot of 70-80's rock when my siblings and I were growing up, so I also love a lot of bands like Queen, REO Speedwagon, Styx, etc. Newer stuff, I am a big fan of ska, so bands like Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto are always popping up on Pandora.

9) Have you played organized baseball on any level, if so what level?

I played some teeball and church-league softball when I was younger, but I never played on anything higher than that. I still remember the day that I tried out for little league and didn't make it - that was pretty much the end of my baseball aspirations :)

10) What is your favorite computer or console game?

Way too many to name off. If I had to name an all-time favorite, it would be Earthbound (if you haven't played, you have to - old-school RPG for Super Nintendo, years ahead of it's time, heh). I am also a big fan of the Splinter Cell series, but there are few games I won't try. Used to play World of Warcraft quite a bit, very much looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Grade A gaming nerd :)

11) If you could have dinner with 4 historical figures, who would they be and why?

Vince Lombardi: I am a cheesehead, need I say more?

Albert Einstein: probably wouldn't be able to hold up in conversation, but it would be fun to just listen :)

Martin Luther King, Jr.: he was so influential in so many facets of this country, it would be awesome to talk to someone with such conviction and so little fear

Steve Jobs: he was one of the people responsible for basically creating my profession and helped shape so many areas of this world. Would be awesome to pick his brain

12) Who are your favorite current baseball players?

Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder (for another few weeks, at least), John Axford...non-Brewers, I really like watching Lincecum pitch and rakers like Matt Kemp hit (unless, of course, he beats out Braun for the MVP, then I retract my comment :) )

13) Who are your favorite current sports stars, other than baseball?

Two words: Aaron Rodgers


This brings back memories...


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Who's Hot?  


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Who's Not?


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Congratulations to the North Pole Santas for winning the 2011 Championship. Can they repeat in 2012?