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The Atlantic City Surf were founded prior to the innaugural Eagle League Baseball Season.  They are a founding member and run by the commissioner and founder of Eagle League Baseball.

The Atlantic City Surf name comes from a now defunct minor league baseball team of the same name.  They played in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, an independent league, from 1998 until 2006.  They played not far from my home and were a great night out at the ballpark.  The ballpark itself was a typical minor league ballpark but it offered a nice view of the Atlantic City Skyline at night.

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Team Records

Avg. in a Season: .315 - Kane Meyer 2011
OBP in a Season: .385 - Kane Meyer 2011
Slg% in a Season: .588 - Kris Green 2011
Hits in a Season: 123 - Kris Green 2011
2B's in a Season: 24 - done two times
3B's in a Season: 6 - Kris Green 2011
HR's in a Season: 25 - KrisGreen 2011
Runs in a Season: 71 - Kris Green 2011
RBI's in a Season: 77 - Kris Green 2011
BB's in a Season: 52 - Sean Neubauer 2011
SB's in a Season: 21 - Fernando Franco 2011

Wins in a Season: 8 - Carlos Rodriguez
ERA in a Season: 3.38 - Ramiro Maes 2011
IP in a Season: 136.0 - Ramiro Maes 2011
K's in a Season: 94 - Ramiro Maes 2011
Saves in a Season: 23 - Juan Velasco 2011
Games in a Season: 53 - Bob Rice 2011